When it comes to designing 3d cookie cutters, there are 3 steps involved.

  • First you will need to design the frame. (This is the part that is involved when it comes to cutting the dough, stamp (the part that holds and imprint motif) and a base.
  • Designing the motifs that needs printing in a dough

While Tinkercad doesn’t have some pre-loaded shapes, it has squares that have rounded edges and this is what is needed when it comes to cookie cutters. Generally, there are some functionalities in TinkerCad that have their own limitations when creating some specific geometrics like rounded corners. But this should not worry you as it is possible to import your.svg files to TinkerCad. This makes it possible for you to prepare 2D designs before you can load them to TinkerCad, from where you can change them to 3D files.

It is also possible to use a wide range of vector graphic programs like Adobe Illustrator to create your .svg files.

Create stamp Motifs

With the basic 3d cookie cutter ready, you will now need to create motifs which you will use to imprint your dough. Some easy methods that you should use include:

  • Text Motif.      An easy way that you can use to customize the cookie cutter
  • Image Motif.  Creating this motif is usually a bit more complex. However this also enables you to keep your creativity juice flowing

After this, the only thing that you will need to modify is break your candle .svg file into two different pieces; for the candle and the wax that will overflow. Importing the elements in a scale of 100% will make them too big for your needs.

How to Make Custom Cookies 

It is not always easy to get cookies that are custom-made at a price that is budget friendly. This is why at times the only option available is to make your own sweets and treats at home. A good idea would be to make your own cookie cutter that is also custom-designed. Not only will this take a little of your time but it will also help you to make some savings.


Forming your cookie dough into some decorative shapes can be a bit harder if you do not have the cookie cutter. These can help you to stamp out different shapes of cookie cutters as per your event’s theme. Over years, there is much advancement that has occurred in cookie cutters. Here is information on the available options in the market.


It is possible to make cookie cutters from a wide range of materials such as plastic, wood and metal. Another alternative is to use a drinking glass for cutting some simple circles out of the cookie cutters dough. Some of the necessary materials include:

  • Metal hole punch
  • Two eyelets     
  • Scissors
  • Hammers
  • Sandpaper
  • Need-nose pliers
  • Little tape or clamp
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Triangle

You can also choose to use aluminum of 36 gauge. However a good idea would to use a folding strip that is half-length as this will help you to achieve your desired thickness for the cookie cutter. Stainless steel and copper are also some great options.

After getting the right supplies, you will now be ready to make amazing shaped cookies and enjoy the auspicious occasion. You should remember that you are making a cookie cutter and therefore you will be making the outer edge or silhouette of your subject. 

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