Making food is normal, but making tasty and delicious food is like art. It needs perfection. And perfection needs practice. But along with it, a proper recipe and proper measuring of all the ingredients and spices works like magic, even for beginners. 

Normally, most of us love to eat food but avoid making it. Because standing in the kitchen for ours is not easy for anyone. Only some people like to make it while others are just lazy. But among these lazy people, some are like choosy lovers of making food. You must be thinking what I mean by choosy lover. Let me explain, some people like to make some special food which is their favorite and otherwise, they are very lazy. So you can call them a choosy lover of making food.

Nowadays, most people are fast food lovers. And among many fast foods, pizza is on the top of food lovers. Many foodies love to eat pizza and can have it any time. Local pizzacenter supplies pizza every time. They serve pizza to their customers twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

But not all pizza centers and pizza shops give their service all the time. And those who are serving, serve to their area only. Then what about those pizza lovers, who want to eat a pizza at midnight? But do not have any pizza delivery service in its area or nearby. For such foodies and pizza lovers, here are some of the secrets. These secrets will help you to make a delicious and perfect pizza on your first try. But make sure to not compromise with the measuring of ingredients and spices you are using.

Proper Dough Kneading Technique

Measurements: take 900 grams of flour, 10 grams of fresh yeast, half a letter water, 10 grams of vegetables or olive oil (this depends upon your choice and taste). 20 grams of fine grinded crystalline sea salt. Here you cannot use iodine salt. Because its crystals are not finely ground.

Firstly, Crumble the fresh yeast in slightly warm water. Now add the flour gradually and stir unless it completely dissolves to avoid lumps. Add the salt and knead the dough consistently.

Adding olive oil

If you want to make your dough more elastic then adding olive oil to the flour mixture can complete your desire. Knead the dough completely. Transfer it to a clean surface, and then knead it until it stops sticking to your hands.

Rolling Out the Dough by Hand

Now leave the dough to rise for about one hour at room temperature. In this time, your dough will increase by almost two times in volume. 

After it, work with your hand over the dough. But make sure that you are rolling out the dough as thinly as possible. After that sprinkle some flour over the dough and simply stretch it very gently from the middle outwards. When you are pushing out the edges it is best to hold the middle. While forming the crust make slightly thicker sides.

Making Pizza Crust Crispy

For making your pizza crust crispy, grease your pan with oil and sprinkle some flour over the pan. Now put your crust over the pan and apply your favorite toppings over it. You can put in chicken mushrooms, onion, tomato, capsicum, and so on. Adding topping completely depends upon your choice. Apply 3 spoons of pizza sauce. It is easily available in the market. And at the end add cheese. More cheese the more tasty your pizza would be. Now, bake your pizza in a preheated 390-degree oven for ten minutes.


Making your favorite food is not difficult when you have the proper recipe. After all, you put your hundred percent effort into it because you are doing it to meet your cravings. With a proper recipe, you make a pizza as a pizza near me centers makes.

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