Tratak yoga is a method of meditation. This is done for concentration. The word Trataka is derived from ‘Tra’. It means to be free, while the word tuck has been used to look at something continuously. To be free in it means to get rid of the filth of the eyes and mind, to become free from it. It is done to increase eyesight and to remove eye problems. Some people also do Tratak yoga to increase self-power, concentration, it has to focus on one place.

Method of Tratak Yoga:

It is possible to get its full benefits only after doing Tratak Yoga in a complete manner. For this, you need to know its method very much-

  • To do Tratak Yoga, first of all, you should spread a yoga mat in a room.
  • Keep your head, your neck, and back straight, sitting in a meditative posture, close your eyes.
  • Keep the object on which you want to focus, very parallel to your eyes.
  • After this slowly open your eyes and focus on the object. Keep watching it till your eyes water.
  • After this, rub both your palms and apply them to your eyes. Slowly open your eyes, you can repeat this 3 to 4 times.

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Benefits of Tratak Yoga:

There are many benefits of doing Tratak Yoga. Due to this concentration increases, all diseases related to the eyes are removed. It also helps in keeping you healthy both in body and mind.

  • It removes your fatigue, tension, stress, and lethargy.
  • Tratak yoga removes all the problems of the eyes.
  • By doing this daily, the eyes become clear and bright.
  • It also increases memory and concentration.
  • Along with the eyes, it also helps in curing heart diseases.
  • It also cures the problem of insomnia.
  • By doing Tratak yoga, the mind remains calm.
  • If you have amnesia, you can do it. This will cure your forgetfulness completely.

Precautions of Tratak Yoga:

Some precautions are also necessary while doing Tratak Yoga. Know about them-

  • If you have any kind of problem in your eyes, then you should not do it at all.
  • Keep the object or light you will see steady.
  • Those who do Tratak should eat sattvic food. They should stay away from eggs and meat.
  • If there is any problem in the eyes while doing Tratak, then close it for some time.
  • Do this till your eyes start watering. After that, you don’t do it at all.

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Methods of Tratak Yoga:

There are many ways to do Tratak Yoga. You can do any type of Tratak yoga according to you.

  • Light a lamp of ghee and meditate on its low.
  • Light a candle and meditate on its low.
  • Make a black circle on white paper and focus on it.
  • Focus on the sun when the sun rises.
  • You can also meditate on the moon.
  • Tratak meditation can also be done on the photo of your East deities.

Keep these things in mind while doing Tratak:

  • While doing Tratak yoga, sit at least 1 to 2 feet away from the object on which you are going to focus.
  • In the beginning, you can practice it for 1 to 3 minutes. After this, you can also increase the time of meditation according to your ability.
  • There should not be too much light in the room where you do Tratak. Do not do this even in a very low light.
  • Tratak can be done anytime. But morning and night time are best for this. Whenever you do, do it at the same time. If you are doing it in the morning, then do it every morning. Only then you will be able to get more benefit out of it.
  • Don’t blink at all. Blinking your eyes will distract you.
  • While doing Tratak yoga, initially you will feel burning in the eyes, try to bear it.
  • If you also want to do Tratak yoga, then do it in the beginning under the guidance of a yoga teacher.

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