Viral Video: Elderly Couple Fulfils Lifetime Wish Of Visiting Mount Everest

Many people commented on the video and were overwhelmed with their love story.

Many elderly people feel like the world has moved on without them as they get older because they frequently outlive or lose contact with friends and relatives. Some people find it impossible to enjoy even the most basic pleasures, such as travelling outside of their own state or watching the ocean waves crash into the sand. However, they do have wishes which they would like to accomplish, like any other human in the world. In an instance of fulfilling, one’s desires at old age, a couple from Maharashtra travelled to see the highest mountain peak in the world, Mount Everest from up and close.

In a video shared by Andy Thapa on Instagram, an elderly couple can be seen at the mountain while a chopper is parked behind them. The old woman assists her husband, who is also seen holding a walking stick. Both of them look at Everest with eyes full of love, seeming like a dream come true. The snowcapped view of the mountain in the short clip is breathtaking. 

The video was shared on October 16 and since then it has amassed over three lakh views and 24 thousand likes on the social media platform. “Art of living.. this man age:86 in his last stage of life .. last dream to see mount everest from close.. he dared it with his wife.. completed.. hats off..long live,” reads the caption of the video. 

In another similar video of the couple shared by Mr Thapa, he says that it was a difficult decision because the peak is 17,000 feet above the sea level and has extremely low oxygen. He said, “The proud wife insisted and keep (kept) supporting her husband .. they dreamt dared and conquered.. to me it was story close to my eye….Hats off to this lovely couple .. and may you both live another 100 years keep making memories and keep inspiring the world.”

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Many people commented on the video and were overwhelmed with their love story. Several left red heart emojis on the post as well.

A user said, “Hey! They are my grandparents. Just some corrections… he is 78 YO and this is one of his lifetime wishes… not the last wish! May their all the wishes come true!!”

“Go chase your dreams! It’s never too late. this video is the perfect example,” said another user.

“Omg… my day was not going good so far but this video changed my whole perspective. My god. How things help us… I am super motivated seeing this. What a man!!  MAY GOD BLESS BOTH OF THESE,” commented a third person. 

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